Improve patient outcomes with ALD’s cutting-edge devices.

ALD devices are used to treat everything from cosmetic issues and everyday ailments to serious infections and treatment-resistant afflictions like chronic pain and cancer. Caregivers using stem cells are using ALD devices to activate cellular activity in a target area and thus optimize their treatments.

Foot Laser

ALD Devices treat a variety of medical conditions

  • Repair tissues and sprains

  • Reduce inflammation and wound healing time

  • Relieve acute and chronic pain

  • Inactivate or kill viruses and bacteria in the bloodstream

  • Stimulate circulation to treat neuropathic conditions

  • Monitor peripheral vascular and sympathetic nervous system functions

  • Speed healing for chiropractic treatments

  • Photodynamic therapy for cancer treatments

  • Resolve brain cell dysfunction for TBI

  • FDA-approved treatments for veterinary medicine

  • Exploratory and investigative tools for medical research

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